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Germany`s Coal Phase Out 2038

Last weekend the German government`s commission on `growth, structural transformation and employment`, colloquially referred to as `coal commission`, published its recommendations on Germany`s coal phase out. They recommend to phase out electricity production from coal by 2038 in Germany, a contry that relies for a quarter of its electricity production on coal. The compromise is not legally binding, but the German government pledged to ` constructively assess ` the findings of the commission and to act accordingly. Questions about the compatibility of this new plan with German climate goals raised.

30th European Energy Law Seminar

The 30th European Energy Law Seminar w ill take place on 21 and 22 January 2019 in  Hampshire Hotel Babylon in The Hague (Netherlands). The programme and all further details are available here . Registration is possible via the website of the Dutch Energy Law Association .