New Article `Wind Farm Waste in the EU, Denmark and the UK` published in OGEL 2 (2018)

A new article titled `Wind Farm Waste - Emerging Issues with Decommissioning and Waste Regulation in the EU, Denmark and the United Kingdom` has been published in a special issue of OGEL. I had the pleasure of cooperating with Dr. Heyd Fernandes Mas and Ceciel Nieuwenhout, LLM for this. The abstract can be found below and the article is available here.

26 years after starting operations, the first European offshore wind farm, Vindeby in Denmark, is being decommissioned. The article marks the occasion by examining current law and emerging practice on the decommissioning of offshore renewable energy installations in Europe. Its special focus lies with the frequently overlooked issue of waste disposal regulation after dismantling of offshore wind farms.
The article is concerned with the interplay of waste and decommissioning rules. It analyses the waste hierarchy and other relevant concepts and norms of waste regulation in the context of decommissioning of offshore wind farms and investigates how the disassembled and removed components of offshore windmills have to be treated.
In addition, the article compares regulatory frameworks and practices on the management of waste from offshore wind farms under international law as well as in two countries with large installed capacities - the United Kingdom and Denmark. The waste disposal regimes and decommissioning programmes for offshore wind farms in both countries form the focal point of the analysis in this article. The article concludes with three recommendations on how to improve the international and national waste management arrangements for offshore wind farms. These recommendations pertain to the entire life-cycle of offshore wind farms, starting with the design phase right through to decommissioning and post decommissioning. The article, inter alia, proposes the inclusion of a new ‘circular design’ provision in relevant decommissioning regulation.


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