10 years GCEL: The North Sea as a Source of Sustainable Energy and Law

The Groningen Centre of Energy Law (GCEL) was founded 10 years ago at the University of Groningen. To mark the anniversary, an international conference titled `The North Sea as a source of Sustainable Energy and Law` will be held at the Hilton Hotel in The Hague on 8 December. Registration is now open at: https://www.rug.nl/rechten/congressen/gcel/10-years-gcel/registration-form.

The topics that will be discussed at the conference include:   
  • Offshore System Integration – A Blueprint for the North Sea
  • The Role of Law in Planning Offshore Uses
  • Wind meets Interconnection: Regulating Hybrid Energy Projects in the North Sea
  • The Dogger Bank Island Hub – Technical and Legal Challenges

Speakers include

  • Rene van der Meer (ENGIE E&P)
  • Prof. Dr. Kars de Graaf (GCEL)
  • Prof. Dr. Frans Nelissen (GCEL)
  • Ceciel Nieuwenhout (GCEL)
  • Joris Gazendam (GCEL)
  • Alumni of the North Sea Energy Law Programme (NSELP)


The Mesdag Room at the Hilton The Hague (Zeestraat 35) followed by a reception at Panorama Mesdag (Zeestraat 65)
For information please contact gcel@rug.nl


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